Rules of Board Meetings From Ethical Side

When everyone understands the etiquette of virtual meetings, a business can become highly productive, cost-effective, and successful. This article is about the etiquette of business communication.

Board meeting etiquette: how to behave for a successful meeting?

Any meeting, especially a business one, is held for a specific purpose. Communication in business practice, as a rule, is supported by mutual interest. A meeting is organized to satisfy the interests of the parties.

Criteria for evaluating the results of interaction, in addition to achieving the desired goal, are factors that reflect the resource costs of participants: time, degree of tension, and the nature of the relationship between them. To effectively conduct a board meeting, it is necessary to seriously prepare for it and think carefully.

The etiquette of board meetings: basic rules

There are certain rules of board meetings for online members to follow:

  • Check your settings

The whole point of meeting online is to be able to listen to and see each other. If there is a problem with any of these options, it negates the entire purpose of the rally. In all online meeting tools such as iCompass, OnBoard, Google Meet, and more, you can test the microphone and video before joining the meeting.

  • Sign in early and start with a video

Don’t wait until the last minute to log in. You will start to get distracted and may forget to log in on time. Signing in five minutes ahead of time is good etiquette for online meeting attendees. In such cases, you need to arrive on time. If you’re going to be late, send a message to the meeting organizer so they know if it’s worth waiting for you.

  • Clear background

Always choose a location with a simple solid background, such as a wall, rather than a space with tons of stuff behind you, an open closet, a pile of crockery, or NSFW-style artwork. The one who is listening to you should not be distracted by what is in the background.

  • Define the agenda

It is for situations like paragraph 6 that an agenda is needed. When you are working in your home space it is easy and distracting. Therefore, before starting the meeting, make a clear agenda, send it out so that all participants are involved in the meeting, regardless of the circumstances. Make sure everyone is familiar with this document at the beginning of the meeting. Be sure to follow the agenda and its rules so that the meeting does not drag out.

  • Introduce everyone

If there are people from other departments or teams in the meeting who do not often work with or with clients, always start the meeting with a brief introduction to each other so that everyone can understand what to ask about.

  • Turn off notifications

When working from home, it is very easy to forget to turn off notifications on your mobile phone, while you are unlikely to forget to do this when you enter a conference room. The sound of notifications will not only distract the presenter but also interfere with your focus.

  • Give everyone a job

Perhaps one of the most important points of not only online meetings, but also offline. Before making an appointment, give everyone an opportunity to prepare something for the discussion

  • Summarize the meeting before ending it

It is very important that as we get closer to the end of the meeting, everyone has a clear goal and further plan for what to work on. The meeting moderator should briefly summarize what was discussed that day and what next steps will be taken before the next meeting.

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