Meeting Preparation Checklist – Steps to Take

Online meetings are a separate type of communication, far from ordinary meetings in a “negotiation room”. This checklist will help you deal with this format.

Why meeting preparation checklist is important?

New times dictate new approaches to familiar processes. And if earlier online meetings were a kind of addition to direct communications, now they are often the only way to organize effective interaction between employees, comprising Boards of Directors.

The general list of “challenges” typical for online board meetings is as follows: lack of eye contact, difficult feedback and communication between participants, low group control, a difficult process of audience engagement, a lot of “blind spots” when the organizer simply does not see what the listeners are doing, and so on and so forth. Let’s try to figure out how to neutralize these aspects and use the advantages that remote communications provide.

Checklist: points to prepare for an online meeting

Organizing the boardroom event is not an easy task, but we can highlight key points of meeting preparation checklist to increase the chances of a successful meeting. Because proper training can interest students, translate them into the category of potential customers or partners. Here are some tips to help create a productive atmosphere and achieve the right result:

  • Determine the goals and format

Formulate the goal as specific as possible: do you want to convey knowledge to the participants, thank partners, raise money for a project or discuss the further corporate strategy? The format of the event will depend on the answer: concept, timing, and duration, roles in the team, etc. The main thing is that the format contributes to the achievement of the goal of the event.

  • Create a plan

 A detailed meeting plan and a list of the meeting pre-read template to consider will always help you stay focused and not get confused. Do not exclude strategic issues from the agenda, but on the contrary, constantly switch between the present and the future.

  • Decide on the service for the meeting.

 Different technical tools are needed for brainstorming, presentation by the head of the company, training conference, and brainstorming of specific issues. And here are some options: BoardEffect, OnBoard, iCompss, BoardPaq, etc.

  • Inform in advance about the purpose, agenda, and approximate duration of the online meeting

It will help all participants to prepare, and during the discussion process – not to be distracted from the topic. The pre-set timing will help the participants plan their workday and not drag out the discussion in the meeting.

  • Send out a repeat meeting invitation 5 minutes before the start

Perhaps someone forgot about it or missed the time. If you set up an event notification in some service, add a repeated notification in it 5-10 minutes before the start.

  • Follow the dynamics of the discussion, do not get distracted by particulars

Do not move on to the next topic on the agenda until you are sure you have dealt with the previous one. But if one of the employees has a question that is better to solve in person, agree to discuss it after the meeting – do not waste the time of the other participants.

  • Have a dialogue

 It is more pleasant for any person to be an active than a passive interlocutor. Therefore, in the process of preparing for the event, add time to communicate with the audience. Encourage them to ask questions, think, comment. Follow the rule – the more people involved in the discussion, the more effective the result will be.

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